Public Response : Uu Kodithe Torture Padatharu

Much awaited film, ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’, starring Balakrishna and Manchu Manoj, released today amidst huge expectations. The trailer hiked the film’s expectations and who have watched the movie, coming out of theaters with shocking expressions. The screen play and taking is the major defect of the film. It has nothing in the first half. The whole story runs in the second half. Manchu Lakshmi’s character also seems artificial.

We can see director’s immaturity in the first half. There is no comedy in the film. There is no romance, but it has too much vulgar which will keep away the family audiences. Balakrishna fans will also disappoint as he doesn’t have punch dialogues. Whatever we see Manoj’s portion in the trailer is shown as bluff. Deeksha is limited for skin show. Last half an hour, especially the climax has come out well. But there is nothing more to say about the film. Background score is also the major defect of the film.

There is a poor turnout at single screens and multiplex are houseful . A popular channel went to catch public opinion in a main theatre  some one from public said Uu kodithe ‘Torture Padatharu’. There is not much response from public, While all the web-media rating it average and below average , It might effect the collections especially at overseas .  A instant promotion has to be worked out to save the film but, Machu family already done with 8 to 9 press meets  and interviews in a week before release to build the craze. Over expectation might be one of the reason for this dull response.