PSV Garuda Vega cross milestone in USA

psvActor Dr.Rajasekhar’s PSV Garuda Vega has crossed the milestone at USA Box office, it has performed extremely well at USA BO as the rights of the film were sold for a decent price.

This film crossed Half Million mark in the USA by its third weekend bringing profit to the Buyers. While the film failed to score good revenues at Domestic Boxoffice despite good reviews and promotions.

PSVGarudaVega made with a budget of 25 crores turned out to be a profitable venture for the producer selling the rights including satellite, Hindi dubbing, Tamil and Malayalam dubbing and digital rights of the film.

Garuda Vega 3rd weekend USA Collections
Fri $4,745
Sat $9,027
Sun $6,500
Total Gross : $500,660