Protesting TDP MPs marshalled out from Rajya Sabha

tdp-mpTelugu Desam Party (TDP) MPs continued their protest in Rajya Sabha after the House was adjourned for the day on Thursday.

TDP has been demanding special status for Andhra Pradesh sat on a protest in Rajya Sabha.TDP Rajya Sabha MPs refuse to leave the house and continue to protest even after it was adjourned for the day. MP Thota Seetharama Lakshmi being attended to by a doctor. TDP MPs CM Ramesh and Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao being attended to by a doctor in the House as they refuse to leave and continue to protest. Muttamsetti Srinivasa Rao being taken to hospital after he took ill when he, along with other MPs of the party, refused to leave the House and continued to protest.

TDP MPs who were refusing to leave Rajya Sabha and were protesting even after it was adjourned for the day, have been marshalled out.