Producers get slapped for loose-tongue

When someone is here to stay for a long time, he should control his tongue first as it is the weakest part that tends to slip often. To know one such story, you should read this out!

All of a sudden, these two friends joined hands to produce a flick by introducing an actor as a director. During the making of their movie it got such a buzz that this flick is going to rewrite history. At that time, these producers have spoke rubbish about each and every small movie that is happening in tinsel town. Later all those movies got finished and released but the movie of these producers is not seeing light. It is heard that their loose-tongue has slapped back on their face with no distributor coming forward to purchase this movie.

One cannot become a genius by making a ‘Bangkok’ movie and this episode is an example how empty vessels make much noise, says a critic. Hang on folks!