Priyamani shivers before camera

Talented actress Priyamani is now shivering before the camera for the first time. If you want to know why this happened, you have to check this story now.

Currently, this sexy damsel is shooting for her upcoming bilingual ‘Charulatha’ where she plays a dual role as a conjoined twin. The shooting of this film is now going on in Kashmir and that happens to be the reason for her fear. Raging Kashmiri youths who are dying to see heroine are a big disturbance, while a recent warning from a religious outfit about visitors’ dress code is another fear. Sources revealed that it took a couple of hours for Priyamani to settle down and act comfortably. The makers tried to secure the location as hard as they can in order to make a peaceful shoot.

Right now, Priyamani’s career is going through a rough patch irrespective of her talent and skin show. Hope all this hard work will give her some fruits!