Priracy to eat away Dhammu collections !!

Junior NTR is one hero whose films always get affected by piracy very strongly. FromAdhurs to recent Oosaravelli, the pirated copies of his movies got released in themarkets soon after his movies release. Oosaravelli pirated copy released on the thirdday, and remaining all his previous movies’ pirated copies were available on the second day itself. The pirated copy of Brindavanam, which was released on its second day, has almost VCD quality. Lack of control on piracy has affected his movies’ collections very badly.

If piracy is controlled properly, it will make huge difference in the initial openings.Examples are Dookudu and Racha. Both of these movies could control piracy for the first 10 days of their release. Dammu makers have taken the required precautions to control the piracy. We have to wait and see how far they can succeed this time.