– Fake Collections Exposed !

Sankranthi Releases Mahesh Babu’s ‘Seethamma Vakitlo sirimalle Chettu’ and Ramchran’s ‘Naayak’ collections war at peaks on net.

Mega fans exposed fake collections with Nellore’s Daily collection Reports of SVSC , clearly showing the pumped up collections with solid proofs. while Mahesh fans were on defence mode could not prove themselves correct but they demanded Mega fans to show Daily collection reports of Naayak also instead of they themselves coming up with DCR’s of Naayak or SVSC.

Its clear that Mahesh fans have accepted that they faked collections and its a humilating experience for Mahesh Babu , websites which published fake collections and also Mahesh fans for faking the collections as they do always. Meanwhile, Mega fans are getting ready to expose Nizam collections soon.

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