Prince stealing Nag’s base!

Prince Mahesh Babu and King Nagarjuna both belong to different generations in Tollywood. But one thing is common between them is that both steal the Ladies’ hearts. These days it’s been a hot topic among the dames who is on top when it comes to ladies fan following.

Mahesh got ladies fan following from his very first film, as a hero, ‘Raja Kumarudu’. Prince is strikingly hot, handsome and cute. He used to have childish looks in the earlier stages but later they turned as passionate looks which hold every girl’s heart.  While at the other end, Nagarjuna ladies following increased day by day with his new movies. He has a charm of class in his acting and his sharp looks are so romantic which makes ladies out of control at times. Movies ‘Ninne Pelladutha’, ‘Manmadhudu’ are Nagarjuna’s all-time favourites for his woman fans. This ‘Manamadhudu’ has a fan base from a girl aged 16 to woman aged 50 plus dominated the Tollywood when it comes to female fan base more than Mahesh Babu.

But things changed in last three to four years. Mahesh Babu overtook Nagarjuna by leaps and bounds when it comes to women fan base.: Movies like ‘Pokiri’,’Athadu’ ‘ Dookudu’ and ‘Businessman’ helped him a lot in attracting the ladies. He is not a macho man but his looks and body language in the movies makes him every girls dream boy. On the other hand, Nagarjuna is now in 50+ club not any more doing romantic films. Lately, Nagarjuna female fans are slowly shifting their loyalty to Mahesh Babu. He has a nice height and fire in his eyes which shows he has a raw passion in him. With all these qualities, why not girls go crazy for him?