Prince fans misunderstand them !

The hot topic of the state currently is the friendship between Young Tiger ntr and Mega Power Star Ram Charan. It is a known thing that Ram Charan clapped the first shot of ntr‘s ‘Baadshah’s launch. Cherry stayed in the function till the last minute of its completion and dropped ntr home in his car itself. Sources close to both the heroes are saying that Ram Charan and ntr have been friends for a long time. 

Incidentally, some of the Prince Mahesh Babu’s fans are suspecting if there is any conspiracy hidden behind the friendship of both the mass heroes to make their hero defamed. On the other hand, Mega fans are condemning these arguments and are saying that if Mahesh wishes he can also do friendship with these heroes. They are attributing that Mahesh had deliberately skipped the engagement function of Ram Charan and in not anyway, its a friendly move by the Prince.