Preetika goes back to School !

Here’s news for everyone who is wondering where Preetika Rao, who made her debut with ” Priyudu”, disappeared. The younger sister of actress Amrita Rao has decided to enroll in a school in Los Angeles to do a screenwriting and filmmaking course.

Preetika has decided not to take up any movie assignments this year. However, she plans to complete her Kannada debut in May-June before she packs her bag to study abroad. “I have been waiting for this opportunity for the past two years. When I visited LA last January, I got admission in the film school, but I could only attend a five-day workshop due to lack of time. I had to come back to India to work on my filmi commitments. I applied again this year and I’m delighted that I am going there,” says the model-turned-actress, who is planning to assist Bollywood directors after she completes her course.