Praveen Sattaru targets NRI community

Praveen Sattaru Interview Stills_15Director Praveen Sattaru who made ‘LBW’ or ‘Life Before Wedding’ sometime back and his latest film PSV Garuda Vega was also a hit, spoke low about USA cinegoers.

He said, “People out there are notorious and would order a $5 pizza on Friday evening and watch a downloaded film, they also invite all the friends instead of going to a theatre”. He clearly mentioned in that interview that people in the USA mostly watch top hero’s movies and hyped up movies.

He got slapping replies from NRI community on social media. One of them said “Yes, we are notorious for encouraging good content films
Yes, we are notorious for spending $14-$15 to watch the movie on premieres
Yes, we are notorious for driving many miles to watch a film regardless of the weather”.

In that case Without NRI’s watching in theatres, How come Baahubali gross is over Rs 45 Cr in the US?, How Baahubali 2 made 130 Cr. Small movies like Fida Arjun Reddy also made around 10 Cr. ?