Prashanth Kishor survey in AP

rp_jagan-prashant-300x220.jpgElection Strategist Prashanth Kishor team has conducted a survey by touring all the constituencies of AP.

Prashanth Kishor has prepared a report and submitted to Jagan in two part. Prashant team divided into two teams and used to tour to each village. One team to find local problems and feedback of leaders, while other team used to penetrate into people secretly to know their opinion on present politics and what are their views on political parties.

Prashanth team has compiled all the information as what are the local issues and the Winning Chances of YSRCP MLAs into a report and submitted to Jagan.

According to reports given by Prashanth, Only 30 out of 46 YSRCP MLAs have the winning chances in the next elections. Prashanth has also advised the MLAs to stay in public.

Jagan has decided to go with three level strategy, He held a meeting with constituencies in charges in Lotus pond in Hyderabad. YSRCP leaders will take up door-to-door campaign to educate them about the Navaratnalu (9 promises ) of YSRCP. The membership campaign to invite people into YSRCP. The third is “Vijaya Shankaravam” to campaign Jagan’s padayatra.