Pranab Mukherjee’s emotional farewell speech

pranabThe 13th president of India Pranab Mukherjee addressed Members of Parliament at the farewell function in the Central Hall in Parliament.

He said ” My deep gratitude for organizing the farewell ceremony on the eve of my demitting office as the 13th President of India .I am a creation of this Parliament whose political outlook and persona has been shaped by this temple of democracy. Indian Constitution not merely a legal document for administration but the Magna Carta of socio-economic transformation”.

Indian Constitution represents the hopes and aspirations of the billion plus Indians. For 37 years I served as a Member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha .My long career has been instructive and educative.Listening to stalwarts for hours and days in Parliament, I understood the real value of debate, discussion and dissent.

Recent passage of GST & its launch on 1st July is a shining example of co-operative federalism.It is unfortunate that the parliamentary time devoted to legislation has been declining. With the heightened complexity of administration, legislation must be preceded by scrutiny and adequate discussion.Scrutiny in committees is no substitute to open discussion on the floor of the House.When Parliament fails to discharge its law-making role it breaches the trust reposed in it by the people.

In last five years, my principal responsibility was to function as the guardian of the Constitution.As I had said on oath, I strived to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, not just in word but also in spirit.In this task, I greatly benefitted from the advice and co-operation extended by Prime Minister Modi at every step. I will carry with me fond memories of my association with Prime Minister Modi and his warm & courteous behaviour.

As I retire from the Office of the President of the Republic, my association with the Parliament also comes to an end .I will no longer be a part of the Parliament of India. It will be with a tinge of sadness and a rainbow of memories that I will be leaving this magnificent building today. I leave with a sense of fulfilment & happiness of having served the people of this country – as their humble servant “,said Pranab Mukarjee.