Prakash Raj sends a legal notice to BJP MP

rp_prakash-raj-300x157.jpgActor Prakash Raj sends a legal notice to BJP MP Pratap Simha for trolling him for his voice against the Prime Minister in the murder of Karnataka senior journalist Gauri Lakeshan.

“I have sent a legal notice to Mr. Pratap Simha (BJP Mysuru MP), as a citizen of this country for the way he has trolled me which has disturbed my personal life. I am asking him to answer legally & if he doesn’t, I will be taking criminal action against him ” said Prakash Raj

Earlier Prakesh tweeted, “Our Prime Minister on Twitter follows certain people who are very brutal, and we have him closed his eyes to it.” “I am disturbed, hurt, I am afraid of the silence (on the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh) of my Prime Minister,” he said.