Prakash Raj Closing to Mega Family!

Versatile actor Prakash Raj is currently busy with acting career as well as with production ventures. Latest we hear is the actor is moving close to Mega family. To give more chance for our Telugu talents, Tollywood biggies decided to ban Prakash Raj from industry long ago. The actual reason for this is Mega Star Chiranjeevi. There was a buzz that, Chiru’s daughter loved actor Uday Kiran and Mega Star who didn’t like this gave strong warning to actor. With this no other film makers dared to make a film with Uday but Prakash Raj alone came forward and produced a Tamil film Poi with him insulting the Mega Star.

With the influence of Chiranjeevi, then Tollywood decided to ban Prakash Raj. It is heard that, after this incident Prakash Raj tried to settle down issues and tried to move close to Mega family. At present, Prakash is producing Mega hero Allu Sirish’s debut film Gauravam in Telugu in Tamil and the versatile actor is even planning to make a film with Ram Charan. It seems, Mega family is also cooled down a bit on Prakash Raj.