Prahas Rebel takes risk !

Young Rebel Prabhas taking huge risk by releasing his upcoming movie Rebel on 28th of this month. Following the Vinayaka Nimarjana on 29th and Telangana Million march on 30th of this month.

Prabhas who has very huge following in Nizam area would lose both the  days collections heavily  due to these events. If one can recall Million march, it was the most savage acts in history of Andhra Pradesh and looked more like a deliberate plan for spurring violence than a peaceful political protest. It might be followed by a Telangana bandh if some unpredictable incident takes place in Telangana Million March so 1 more day loss. And Vinayaka Nimarjama will affect the whole Andhra Pradesh .

But the producers decided to go for this loss as they get 1 more week before any other big release like Nagarjuna’s Damarukam and Pawan’s Cemeraman Ganagtho Rambabu are ahead for release. Very risky situation for Prabhas Rebel !!