Prabhas uncle gives 32 acres land for Gannavaram airport

Prabhas-marriage-rumours-irks-Krishnam-RajuBaahubali star, Prabhas’ uncle , The Rebel star, Actor, Krishnam Raju has given 32 acres of his land for the Gannavaram airport expansion .

The Andhra Pradesh government has planned to expand the existing Gannavaram airport to meet the international standards for this, it has planned to acquire 1229 acres from 926 landlords, of which Krishnam Raju was one of them. Till now govt has acquired 494 acres from 247 landowners.

As compensation Raju will get 1000 square yards of House site, 50 thousand as lease amount and 200 square yards per acre which totals up to 1.32 acres of commercial land.