Prabhas tastes bitter experience in his own state

rp_prabhas-300x300-1-1-1-1.jpgActor Prabhas and Anushka  in the lead actors of the film ‘Baahubali’ directed by Rajamouli, won 14 Nandi Awards including Best film, Best director , Best villain and other categories awards. But surprising the lead actor Prabhas, who was impressed by the audience at national level with his terrific on screen performance, was not been awarded.

Prabhas worked hard for the film for five years for this film. His work has been recognized globally, Prabhas’s tasted a bitter experience in his own state.

Best Film, Best Cinematographer, Best Playback Singer, Best Music, Best Choreographer, Best Fight Master, Best Translation and Best Special Effects. But the one who took the responsibility of the film on his own shoulders has been ignored.

His fans are quited disappointed and shocked with Nandi awards. They have started criticism on the other actor who bagged the Nandi Award for Best actor with his subtle acting.

While Ramya Krishna got best supporting actress in Baahubali, Bhallala Deva Rana got best villain award. However, the movie lovers say that Prabhas, the hero of the film is been deliberately ignored .