Prabhas Rebel Censor Report!

Young Rebel Star Prabhas’s latest action entertainer ‘Rebel’ has completed its censor formality and has received an ‘A’ certificate by the censor authorities and 3 minor cuts were suggested. More violence action sequences, Heroines too much glamour quotient and the mass language caused the Adult certification. ‘A’ certification became common these days, but recently the Indian Censor board took the decision to not telecast Adult certified movies in TV’s.

The movie has a Run time of 2hrs : 50min and consists of 11 fights with over dose of Violence .The only  positive is  Prabhas , his style and Fights . Tamanna is a visual treat to masses but her screen presence was very less . Deeksha seth had a small role who appears in the flashback . Krishnam raju appears in a special appearance and he is one of the highlight of the film . Music and songs are big letdown . Comedy is pretty ordinary .

  • Prabhas Rebel Brahmi has given his extraordinary performance but outdated for 20 Mins Nonstop Comedy Scenes in 1st Half..
  • In Rebel climax fight Car will fly in air .Actually director planned with villains but changed their plan
  • Rebel prabhas parents n Dikshaseth killed by villains  then Rebel trend starts in 2nd half .

With A’s Certification  decision, the makers will lose plenty. Milky Beauty Tamanna and Deeksha Seth have played heroines opposite Prabhas in the cinema, directed by Raghava Lawrence. J Pulla Rao and J Bhagawan are producing the film. Rebel now has completed all the formalities including censor and the movie will hit the big screens on September 28th.