Prabhas miss the Hattrick !

Young rebel Prabhas missed the golden change of becoming a hat trick hero with his latest movie Rebel receiving flop report from all over the world  from its premiere show.

Rebel was premiered in Dubai first , the response was pretty ordinary and few whistles and shouts . Later it was premiered in USA which tends to be very class market got very poor response and some of the premiers were cancelled. The movie rights for USA was sold  for very cheap rate just for 1.2 crore much lesser than Shekar’s Life is Beautiful movie which did not had any star cast. This itself decided the movie’s fate at US box office before release.

Prabhas  who carried a lover boy image in his earlier films like Darling and Mr.Perfect, He has completely transformed into Mass role gave a shock to audience who in turn gave a  big shock to the hero. With all web media  giving very poor rating , the movie only saving factor how well it performs this week as the following week  might not get a chance for its long run as family’s generally prefer to watch the movie only after one week .