Prabhas is my Soulmate : Rajamouli

prabhas-rajamouliAce director Rajamouli in his speech at Baahubali -The Beginning Audio Launch in Tirupati  announced Actor Prabhas as his soulmate .

In his speech , He thanked the technicians who worked for the film. He welcomed  Prabhas fans calling them as darlings, he also thanked police department of Chittor.  He said, All the techniques have worked hard for the film.

Speaking about actors He started with Ramya Krishna He said, Sivagami(Ramya Krishna) character gave motivation and energy to the unit .

Speaking about Satyaraj Character, He said, Tanikala Katha Maharaj (Satyaraj ) is peaks , he is an epitome of gentleman.

Speaking about actor Nazeer He said, The actor is technically sound, he was the one who motivated in creating a classic like Baahubali.

Speaking about Tamanna He said , She is a professional actor, She changed her dress in Bulk Area snow when temperatures was in minus degrees .

Speaking about Anushka , He said, Sweety aka Anushka (Devasena), No one can do Devasena character other than Anushka. He said, I will do a films again and again with her.

Speaking about Rana, He said, He have decided to do a folk film 6 year back. Prabhas was fixed as hero 6 years ago itself . But thought his villain should be gaint than hero and choice was Rana.  He narrated story to the actor who came after 1 week and said that, He was settling as hero and playing villain role would give some negative shades to his career then Rajamouli told, This is decision Rana have to take on his own and Rana okayed for the film.  Rana has writer within added Rajamouli.

Speaking about his family Rajamouli said, Without his wife support , He would not do such films. His brother gives him guidance , its his luck to have Keeravani as his brother.

Speaking about Prabhas , Rajamouli said , Prabhas is his soul mate  and also tweeted the same during Chatrapathi. He told that, Prabhas gave him motivation .  He said, He asked dates of Prabhas for 1 years the actor gave dates for 2 years. Prabhas never had any complaints with producers or unit,  Prabhas  gave energy boost to the unit by cooling the work tensions. Prabhas had immense confidence over movie as he always thought that this movie is a international standard movie.

Speaking about Technician Rajamouli said, Krishna -costume designer was the key person to make the film grand . Krishna designed armours and he is best technician.