Prabhas becomes Highest paid actor in South India


If  director Ram Gopal Verma’s statements are believed , Prabhas becomes Highest paid actor in South India.

Ramgopal varma is giving sleepless nights to entire Tollywood film fraternity with his non-stop tweets , After targeting Mega star Chiranjeevi and Fans of Mahesh, Pawan & Tarak. He now once again targets Tollywood big heroes.

He tweeted.. All us fools thought Prabhas did mistake gvng 2 yrs time without taking money and now he’s getting 65 cr share from profits of just part 1.

Which star other than Prabhas ever got 65 cr and an ultra mega hit and then international recognition for just 2 years of work ?

If Bahubali is a lion and its collections are like a jungle all coming big heroes films look like non pedigreed dogs roaming on streets