Prabhas Baahubali’s Risk factors

Ace Director is risking his career with his 10th film by demanding his producers a budget of 100 crores for his next trilingual film with Young rebel Prabhas ‘Bahubali’. Pre shooting work has already started by erecting huge sets, Hiring  Camels,Horses & Elephants, Training process is already started.

Risk factors include

  • 1. Prabhas star power never reached 30 crore mark .
  • 2. Rajamuoli reputation in Hindi is imaginary , his Makhi (Eega’s Hindi Version) could not break even dubbing expenses.
  • 3. Prabhas Hindi market is zero.
  • 4. Rajamouli- Prabhas Chandramouli( Chatrapathi’s Tamil version) was a dud in Tamil , as Prabhas has no market in Tamil.
  • 5. Two years precious time for both Prabhas and Rajamouli

With all these factors, Allotting 100 crore budget means the movie has to gross at-least 170+ crores But Rajamouli has done wonders with Eega at boxoffice , Hope his luck & hard-work payoff for his next project too.