Prabhas about Gabbar Singh

Hum Par Yeh Kisne Hara Rang Dala, Khushi Ne Hamari Hame Maar Dala, …this Madhuri Dixit number was gracefully enacted by Prabhas Sreenu, the comedian cum villain in Gabbar Singh. His imitation of Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh also got him a thunderous applause and even fetched him a role in the up and coming Seenu Vytla film. His name is Sreenu but is known as Prabhas Sreenu in the film industry as he keeps tagging along with actor Prabhas everywhere. They were batch-mates in the film institute. When Prabhas became a hero Sreenu started handling his work.

He quips, “Sreenu is a very common name but if you address me as Prabhas Sreenu it gets very easy to identify. I didn’t have time in those days to work in films and managed to do some inconspicuous stuff in Vikramarkudu andVarsham but now that Prabhas has confined himself to doing only one film a year and his uncles are handling his work, I’m trying my hand at acting. The entire credit goes to Harish Shankar the director, I never became so popular. All the 15 junior artistes who participated in the antakshari scene would have been lost in the background but for that one scene. Also since there were no expectations people loved it the minute they saw the villains dance and sing. Even Pawan Kalyan would cover his mouth with a cloth and laugh a lot the moment we started dancing.”

Sreenu loves dancing but never got coached, he reveals, “We knew right from the word go that the second half of the film would be a major plus. No one ever saw the talent of these people who danced. I’m now doing Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle ChettuShadow, Bhaskar’s film, Yevadu. My father is a deputy collector. His friends who were concerned about him would chide and tell him to find me some job in a petrol bunk and would remark no one will ever watch my films and question: Paiga nee koduku emaina andagaada? Dad is now very happy, he is glad that he took the decision to support me. He doesn’t talk much, but is supremely confident that some day I would do something but not fail his expectations. Now the friends who spoke against me are talking positively about my work.”