Prabhakar of Ortus denies reports on phone tapping emails

phone-tapping-Its is reported earlier that WikiLeaks uploaded on its website thousands of emails between the Hacking Group and AP government officials scouting for any equipment that will allow them to tap phones.

With fingers pointing toward Kasu Prabhakar of Ortus Consulting who acted as middlemen with his email which was sent on June 12, 2015. Prabhakar, in an email conversation with Daniel, said “I am proposing cellular interception hardware solutions for urgent need in a South Indian state. It occurred to me that I could perhaps propose using your solution, in addition, to meet their needs. I am attaching completed questionnaire keeping in view of the needs of this Intel unit. Please give me an estimate on costs so I will share it with client and try to convince them on considering it for their immediate needs. I included only mobile, given their current (urgent) priority. You can let me know costs for 25 and 50 mobile licences. Thanks Prabhakar.”

Denying all the reports in press, The Ortus Consulting Private Limited has clarified that no one from the Andhra Pradesh Government or the State Intelligence approached it to procure telephone-tapping equipment.

Prabhakar Kasu in a statement said, He has sent email to know regarding inception solutions and pricing of the product and his only intention was to approach the southern states for providing presentations on various solutions.