PowerStar’s police uniform for auction!

The craze for Pawan Kalyan is high among the masses and the cine buffs. Gabbar Singh movie makers are planning to merchandise this craze and promote the movie in unique way.

From first day of movie release, they are planning to auction the police uniform used by Pawan Kalyan in Gabbar Singh movie.
We have to wait and see who buys this, either police people or civilians. As Pawan has got lot of craze all over the state, this merchandise promotion is expected to be a success.

a new trend in Tollywood as earlier only properties used by heroes, like axes etc were auctioned for other movies. Infact, Pawan was the first to sell Johnny T-shirts and caps in 2003, Balu pant was sold in 2005 and Panjaa merchandise in 2011.