Posani to open Tara Chowdary’s secrets

Punch dialogues, complicated issues, Variety movies, the only name comes into mind is Posani Krishna Murali, whatever he does is a sensation. Posani is now on a mission to create one more sensation that would definitely create tremors’ among politicians.

Sources say, Posani prepared a script based on a lady’s true story. She is none other than Tara Chowdary, Posani is now trying to encash her vampish image for this he already enough research on her. This story will cover her dark secrets of real life and has confirmed a title “O Tara….Chandrulevaroo”.

Jayakrishan is the producer, the movie will go to sets in September and Posani will play a role of a lawyer. But who will play Tara’s role not yet revealed.  This news creating shivers for police bosses and politicians associated with her.