Pornographic Video from GHMC corporator Kilari Manohar phone

Manohar-Kilari-TRSKilari Manohar, the GHMC corporator from 99th division Vengualrao Nagar has hit headlines for wrong reasons.

A Pornographic Videos of 2 minutes duration was uploaded from Vengal Rao Nagar corporator, Kilari Manohar’s mobile phone into GHMC corporators Whatsapp Group which has around 150 corporators in the group, last night.

After seeing the video Women corporators were shocked and have planned to lodge a complaint against Kilari Manohar. This news was leaked to media and some lawyers have complained in Banjara Hills PC to file a complaint against Kilari under IT act.

As damage control, Kilari Manohar clarified that “Very sorry sir, My driver has operated as he was dismissed from a job , He(driver) has done it wantedly , Extremely sorry for this.Please understand.”.