Popular brothel areas in India

redlightAlthough India is one of the fastest growing developing country today, but still, there are 7 places in India where prostitution is a ‘tradition’; women depend totally on it for their livelihood.

The popular brothel areas in India are :-

Sonagachi, Kolkata, where 11 thousand sex workers are in this profession. Located along the banks of the Ganges in North
Kolkata,30 minutes from Sonagachi there are lanes like Premchand Boral Lane or the Harkata lane.

Kamathipura, Mumbai where 5 thousand sex workers are in this profession. It is now popular as ‘Red Street of Bombay’.

Budhwar Peth Pune where 5 thousand sex workers are in this profession, It is one of many commercial localities in the city of Pune, India. The area has a high number of electronics shops and a sizeable population of sex workers.

Nat Purwa, Uttar Pradesh-A small village in Uttar Pradesh, Nat Purwa has a tradition of prostitution for 400 years now.

GB Road (Delhi) – Garstin Bastion Road, popularly known as GB Road . old multi-storied buildings adjacent to each other where the ground floor act as regular shops while the rest of the floors as brothels.

Shivdaspur (Varanasi)- Varanasi since ancient times is famous for brothels .This area, situated 10 km from the Varanasi Railway Station.

Apart, MeerGanj (Allahabad), Chaturbhuj Sthan Chowk (Muzaffarpur ), Itwari (Nagpur)