Poonam Kaur tweet to Pawan Kalyan goes viral

poonam-pawanActress Poonam Kaur who has become the target of critic Mahesh Kathi, reportedly posted a tweet to Pawan Kalyan to rescue her from the latest controversy.

Poonam Kaur tweeted at around 10:30 am on Monday, January 8: “Respected @PawanKalyan garu, I request u to help me out in this situation cozit relates 2my career, family and most importantly my respect! I do not want to become a political target 4people’s hidden agendas, I would like like to meet you and talk to about the same @PawanKalyan (sic).”

Surprisingly, Poonam Kaur deleted her posts on Twitter after 10 minutes. However, it has reached to Many who retweeted it. Even it has caught the attention of media.