Poonam Kaur calls Mahesh Kathi fatso

rp_kathi-mahesh-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-300x250.jpgPower star Pawan Kalyan’s die-hard fan Poonam Kaur Lal slyly calls critic Mahesh Kathi ‘fatso’ . She has lashed out against film critic Mahesh Kathi with a series of tweets yet again.

She tweeted, “Employment problems…papam…contribute trps it’s a way of donating guys4 some1s ill health actually should pay4 weight reduction programme. One fatso got stuck in a pothole,it’s like I want the chief minister to pick n save me as he gave permission to lay it 😂😂😂 funny fatso.don’t tell mecommenting onbeing fat is personal,M worried abtmillions watchinngetting inspired,concerned aboutJanam physical nmental health! Breathe out the negative energy …. #fatso”.

Earlier, Mahesh Kathi breathed fire on the actress and other who criticised him and also challenged her to meet in press club tomorrow.