Poonam Kaur brother warns Mahesh Kathi

poonamActress Poonam Kaur brother Shyam Singh reacts on critic Kathi Mahesh recent controversial comments and warned of complaint against the critic

Mahesh Kathi posed 6 personal questions about the actress Poonam Kaur life and her connection with Pawan Kalyan.

Poonam Kaur’s brother Shyam Singh while reacting to these allegations has termed these as baseless. He said, There is no connection between Poonam Kaur and Pawan Kalyan or Mahesh Kathi. He demanded Kathi to come with proofs. He said She didn’t mean him and why he is connecting his statements.

Speaking of AP Brand Ambassador Shyam Singh said, Poonam is a pass out of NEFT 2007, she was working with weavers before the bifurcation of the state and also later. Her work was recognised by Chandrababu Naidu for last two years and got the post on her own merits. She doesn’t need the support of any politician.

Speaking about Poonam Kaur Pooja in Tirumala with Pawan Kalyan on the same gothram Shyam Singh said, He was with Poonam on every occasion and he doesn’t know what pooja Mahesh Kathi was talking. Basically, they are Punjabi and they don’t follow such customs. Why will Poonam go with Pawan Kalyan?

Speaking about Poonam committed suicide after Pawan Kalyan cheated her and Pawan paid the hospital bills Shayam Singh said, It is the allegation which can make Mahesh Kathi land in jail if he complains. Mahesh is unnecessarily dragging Poonam and they can move to court.

Speaking about Pawan Kalyan promise to Poonam mother Shyam Singh said, Pawan Kalyan is a public figure he has not come or has given any promise to Poonam’s mother. Poonam has no Godfather.

Speaking about Poonam angry on Trivikram Shyam Singh said, All are false allegations Why Poonam is will be angry?

Speaking about Tantric Pooja, Shyam Singh said, Let Mahesh Kathi come with proofs and show. Mahesh seems to have a mental problem.

Shyam requested the Media to not to entertain such people like Mahesh Kathi and stop dragging his sister.