Poll surveys alert Jagan

The pre poll surveys have alerted almost all the parties in the state of Andhra pradesh.With the elections are round the corner for a total of 18 assembly seats and one parliament segment, the media houses conducted pre poll surveys. Those surveys reveal the existing situations prevailing in those areas. The results revealed in the surveys mirrored an approximate objective condition in the segments spread across the three regions of the state.While there is a strict conclusion about the Congress’s ouster in all the eighteen seats according to independent survey groups, the party sided media houses have given some plus points for the Congress and TDP in a total of seven seats.

This aspect has almost alerted the YSR Congress, the prime contender in the by polls. The YSR CP led by Jagan is almost prepared for a clean sweep in these areas, excepting the Parakal seat where the sentiment of Telangana is likely to play a pivotal role. But the Media house surveys opposing YSR CP have given some scope for the Congress in three seats. This aspect has almost alerted Jagan who has launched the campaign much before the declaration of the schedule. Schedule is likely to come in the first week of May this year, but before that YS Jagan has started touring all the seats.

The three seats where the Congress has got some edge was already visited by Jagan for the last  three days and there too a fresh survey initiated by the YSR CP owned survey team has given some edge for Jagan party.