Politics is like a Pandora’s box to Pawan Kalyan

pawaninterviewJanasena Party chief , Actor Pawan Kalyan wants to be a Honest politician and Politics is like a Pandora’s box to him.

In an interview to Mumbai based Journalist Anupama chopra He said, His entry into politics was because He wanted to find his voice in real life apart from cinema.

He said, Films is not everything. Life is bigger than films. Expressing is more important to me. More important than anything else. He want to be true to myself.

He further said, In real life Everyone have shades of grey but He cannot play a bad guy. He don’t think He is such a good actor.

He says. He always keep reaching out to everyone for inputs but very difficult to get an honest opinion.

He says , He deeply care about the law & order situation and want it to become better. He used to drive himself crazy thinking why can’t He be a normal star? Why do He have to think this way? But He is wired this way, says the actor.

He says “Politics is like a Pandora’s box”, He cannot stop listening to my inner voice. Once he get into politics, He will leave films and when he leave acting and continue to write as he enjoy writing.