Politicians use ‘Gabbar Singh’ mantra

Gabbar Singh’ mania is prevailing everywhere and politicians are no more an exception to have got affected with this mania. Off late, it has been noticed that many politicians are incorporating the topic of ‘Gabbar Singh’ in their speeches.Also, it is heard that some of the political parties are making use of ‘Gabbar Singh’ songs liberally, during their campaigning for the by-elections.Today, the Congress M.P. Lagadapati Rajagopal said that CBI JD Mr.Lakshmi Narayana is arresting the corrupted people like the sincere police officer ‘Gabbar Singh’, who arrested the corrupted in the movie. Some days ago, the TDP MLA, Revanth Reddy and the YSR Congress Party’s anchor Roja also mentioned the names of ‘Gabbar Singh’ movie and its dialogues.

Meanwhile, ‘Gabbar Singh’ movie has entered its fourth week run and is registering rock steady collections in every center of the state. It is a known thing that the movie collected a GROSS of Rs.128.75 crores at the end of its three weeks run and stood at second position in the list of all time top grossers of the Telugu movies. No wonder if the movie breaks the full run share of ‘Magadheera’ in its long run.