Political parties on SCS drama in Rajya Sabha

andhraCongress Rajya Sabha member KVP Ramachandra Rao’s private member bill is been criticised by political parties.

Former Congress Leader Undavalli Arunkumar also criticized the NDA government for not making special status law.

TDP MP Sujana Chowdary said, Two years after the passage of the Bill, the Congress is shedding crocodile tears on the SCS. With the private bill nothing is going to be achieved. TDP is working with the center to bring maximum funds from center. He alleged that Congress has kept quiet for placing the private Bill on 14th place in order.
YSRCP MP Vijaya Sai Reddy criticized the three political parties TDP, BJP and Congress for playing with the lives of Andhra people. He alalged Three parties colluded to prevent the bill on special status in Rajya Sabha.

APCC chief Raghuveera Reddy alleged that BJP has run away from the parliament without allowing the private bill produced by Congress.A state wide protest will be launched.

AICC incharge Digvijay Singh alleged that BJP enacted a drama for not allowing the voting process of KVP’s private bill . The bill would be passed with 2/3 majority if bill comes for voting.