Police seize 7 TB data from Nayeem’s computers

nayeemGangster Nayeem who was killed by the Telangana police recently , used to record every inch of his moment and store it in his computers.

SIT officials who are investigating the case have reportedly seized the huge data stored in the personal computer of gangster Nayeem.

Over 7 TB of data (which equals around 4000 movies) pertaining to some of the high profile personalities, event like marriage parties , have been reportedly found.

Nayeem was in a view that , he would definitely get caught by the police and thus every moment of his in the computer. Over 250 bank accounts were identified , most of them belong to Nayeem’s sister and wife.

Meanwhile, Nayeem’s cousin brother Fayeem said that he has no links with Nayeem’s criminal activities and also not benami to Nayeem .