Police halts Lakshmi Veeragrandham shoot

veera-grandham‘Lakshmi Veeragrandham’ is a film based on the life story of the Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao has a tagline “Adarsha Gruhini”.

Senior director Keti Reddy Jagadishwar Reddy film has began on Sunday. The makers performed pooja at the NTR Ghat in Hyderabad and the first clap was given. But the police blocked their attempt.

Jagadiswar Reddy said, ‘I am directing the film’ Lakshmi Veeragantham ‘ by the order of NTR soul. I am going to finish the film despite How many obstacles are encountered. There are scenes in the middle of the NTR’s life in the film said the makers. When RGV can make Lakshmi’s NTR why their film shoot is blocked ? . I am making the film because of my love for NTR, said the makers.