Police case filed against Pawan Kalyan

rp_pawan-anatapur-300x192-1-300x192-1-300x192.pngA case filed against Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan over his tweet on national anthem Jana Gana Mana.

A Hyderabad based lawyer, High Court advocate Sunkari Janardhan Goud filed a case on Pawan Kalyan in Saroornagar police station for insulting the national anthem.

Janardhan goud stated that Pawan Kalyan has criticised the Supreme court’s decision that national anthem should be played in theaters before screening of the film .

He faulted Pawan kalyan for stating Apex court decision as BJP’s decision. He alleged that the film actor is provoking people with anti-National Anthem campaign and also resorting to anti-national activities. He demanded a case and action against the Jana sena chief.

Pawan tweeted, “a leisure evening to spend time with family and friends to watch a movie has been made into a testing ground to prove one’s patriotism”.