‘Pokiri’ type comedy in ‘Rambabu’

Ace Director Puri Jagannath has taken all care in his up coming flick Pawn kalyan starred “Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu”  leaving no element lose.

Puri missed the entertainment part in his recent movies but, has come up again with his basics right by stuffing ‘Pokiri’ type comedy in ‘Rambabu’. Sources say He has taken special care and added a special track of comedy with Ali , Bharmananadam and also with Pawan and Ali. The comedy track has come up well  and no doubt in it that it entertains.

The Dialogues in the movie are very apt with the story but they satires the present politicians indeed.  With entertainment part getting right , there is a chance of   getting a block buster talk from the 1st show itself.