PM’s Skill India Mission Program targets 40 crore workers by 2022

modiThe ambitious Skill India Mission Program was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the government now plans to skill 40.2 crore workers by 2022 .

Speaking on this occasion Modi said, We have opened a war against poverty strategically, and we must win this fight.And I will form an army of poor, every poor is my soldier, we will win this war against poverty on behalf of their strength.They (poor) don’t have high ambitions of buying a bungalow or expensive cars, they just want their children to be self-dependent.

The youth of the nation doesn’t want to live a life of pity, they want to live with self respect & dignity. The country’s first priority is generating employment for the youth of the country. t’s not that skill only brings money in your pocket, it instills you with a sense of confidence, brings a new strength in life.

Skill India Mission is not just a program to fill stomachs,but to instill self confidence in poor families & bring a new energy to nation. his mission is not limited to skill, we have linked entrepreneurship to it.

Parents from middle-class,lower middle-class & poor families ask their children to learn some skill so that they can stand on their feet. Through Skill India Mission, we wish to fulfill these dreams.

We have 65% of the population below 35 years of age, how will they face the challenges if they are not skilled? If they can’t face challenges,they themselves will become a challenge for us,India’s 1st priority is to generate employment opportunities, Said PM Modi.