Plastic rice creates flutters in Telugu states

plastic-rice-vs-original-ricePlastic rice which comes from China is creating flutters in Telugu states after a person lodged a complaint with the Hyderabad police.

A person named Ashok purchased a 25-kilo rice bag from Nanadanvam, a month ago at Rs 1100, He and his family members are preparing a meal for last few days using the rice that was purchased.

Ashok and his family members suffered digestive problems and other pains for last few days and finally came to know about plastic rice. He then made a ball with cooked rice and when it was thrown on the surface it started bouncing. he recorded the same on his mobile. The cooked rice lump was not broken even when it was hit with a cricket bat.

In Yousufguda, Hostel students have staged dharna on Monday evening alleging that the Hostel management was serving plastic rice. In Andhra also similar complaints were raised.