Pk fans are illiterate or technically handicapped?

Pawan-Kalyan-special-statusTollywood director Ram Gopal Varma’s layman remarks on Pawan Kalyan fans sparks controversy.

RGV says, PK’s Twitter followers are only 6 lakhs to Mahesh Babu followers are 15 lakh Is it because most Pk fans are illiterate or technically handicapped?. He further said, whenever a superstar comes on Twitter won’t all his fans follow immediately without any delay?

He tweeted, If all super star heroes n heroines have more followers than P K shouldn’t there be a psychoanalytical research on his fans just asking? Since PK is so wanting to advance the state don’t u think he should first advance his own fans and educate them about Twitter ..just asking. I respect Mahesh fans because they follow him so much and as a PK fan I disrespect PK ‘s fans because they don’t follow him. if only due to PK’s late his followers are less n if he manages to reach Mahesh’s 15 by 2018 won’t Mahesh reach 45 lak by then..just asking (sic).