Piracy attack on Baahubali

baahubali-piracyDay after day, Telugu Film Industry  is expanding its market, at the same time, piracy is also expanding very rapidly.

The most shocking part for Filmmakers of ‘Baahubali’ is that, despite of taking utmost care by serving JohnDoe notices to 350 Internet service providers and watermarking the Theater prints , They could not the Piracy attack, This is a shocking fact to digest but it is doing its job.

The miscreants who are involved in piracy have uploaded theatre print of the film in youtube by recording the film in theatres.
SP Cyber Crime, TK.Rana said “Those uploading the pirated version of any digital content will be punished for up to six years. Even those sharing it online are entitled to be punished”.

Yesterday more than 100 DVD/ CDs of Baahubali were seized in Hyderabad old city by police