Pilla Zameendar overlooked by Nandi selection team ?

Pilla Zameendar was released in  2011 ,Telugu-language comedy film written and directed by G. Ashok, produced by D. S. Rao and Master Bujji Babu under Sri Shailendra Cinemas banner and starring Nani, Haripriya, Bindu Madhavi and Srinivas Avasarala in lead roles.  Pilla Zamindar hasn’t got a Nandi award in spite of being a good movie based on human values .It was overlooked by Nandi selection team.

Sri Rama Rajyam and Dookudu both are based on dharma yuddham concept. The former tells us how to obey parents guru and teaches how the king Rama kept his word for the sake of his kingdom and the later was a revenge story wherein a son kills his dad’s close aids who betrayed him. But, Pilla Zamindar is a story for the present generation and it clearly exposes where is our youth heading towards.

Some strong reasons why Pilla Zamindar should have got a Nandi award:-

1. Lovely dilogue “BHagavantudu, manushulani preminchamani vastuvulani  vaadukommani cheppadu… kaani manishi manishini vaadukutunnadu, vasthuvulani preminsthunnadu”.

2. Telugu language importance.

3. Friendship value

4. Social causes, values, ethics and morals.

5. Sacrifice and renunciation in the climax.

6. About villages, where do we lack and what all has to be improved etc etc…

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