Petition against Tamanna in court

Milky beauty Tammana involved in a controversy with a petition against her in court  which might take away her 25% earning for all these years.

In 2005,Bollywood producer Salim Akthar had given a break for Tanamma in his film “Chand Sa Roshan Chehra” off course the movie was bombed. They had an agreement that Tamman would pay 25% of her earning for 5 years to salim’s “Aftab Pictures Pvt Limited”.

Meanwhile, Tamanna career was at peak by 2010 she acted in all the south Indian languages and earned a lot of crores. Now Salim has filed a petition against her in courts mentioning about the agreement and also said Tamanna did not pay a single bug yet. Tamanna is very much worried about the case, if she lose the case she have to pay a huge sum to salim, which really hurts her who worked so hard to build her career.