People say it’s Modi’s Surgical Strike on Black money

rp_modi1-300x220-300x220.jpgLong queues were seen outside several ATMs in India on Tuesday night to withdraw some cash .

People are trying to withdraw mostly of Rs 100 denomination as soon as the central government announced its decision to withdraw Rs 500/1,000 notes from circulation.

People finding its difficult time with this sudden decision , For any occasion higher denominations like 500 and 1000 notes are used . People tried to withdraw Rs 400 from ATMs, only few were able to withdraw as the ATMs ran out of 100 rupee notes.

Those who had events and Marriages are facing tough situation , to accommodate money in 100 denominations . While the vendors and businessmen are not accepting cheques . Even banks will be closed tomorrow, has added spice on the wound.

Some said it was a big Surgical Strike by Modi Govt on Black money, while trader said it’s a bad move without giving any notice.

In some areas People throng jewellery shops to buy gold after Govt scrapped currency notes of Rs 1000 & Rs 500. Long queues at Petrol pumps were also witnessed.