People laughing at Sakshi

After yesterday’s high drama  Sakshi still seems to have not learnt what actually they have done. Today Sakshi has come out with a banner item questioning CBI JD  Laxminarayana in its paper as a part of mind game to demoralise his confidence levels by publishing yesterday’s whole episode attacking his stature in this regard. Many are laughing for  Sakshi’s  immature journalism and for making desperate attempts to save  Jagan .

This is not the first time, From its launch  Sakshi has been following same formula ,earlier  it tried to project Ramoji (Eenadu head) , Next Chandra Babu and later Congress party and now CBI but failed to succeed in all the four . JD.Laxminarayan seems to be unmoved  even after serveral attacks by Sakshi, He looked clam and cool doing his duty. He hasn’t  responded to these allegations yet as he feels its just a trash.

With this whole episode one thing is evident Dogs may bark but an elephant goes on regardless.