People laughing at Sakshi !!

As all know, Sakshi  media works with a single agenda to defame TDP chief Chandra Babu Naidu once again  tried to create a controversy of nothing for which it has faced criticism from intellectuals.

It has reported that during Chandrababu Pada Yatra in Nizamabad district , he walked into a church wearing shoes and said several christian organisations had found fault hurting their sentiments.

Observers say, those who are working in Sakshi journos doesn’t even have common sense. According to Christianity, there is no hard core rule that one cannot step into church wearing shoes and offer prayers. Whereas in Islam and Hinduism its a sin to go and worship with shoes which was done by Sharmila during Padayatra offering prayers in Masjid wearing shoes.

If its a sin , wearing shoes and praying Jesus then Brother Anil is a sinner  who always do the  sin of wearing shoes and praying God in his meeting. Sakshi’s dumb journalists has think before they write.