People laughing at Gasandhra ‘s brainless logic

Solluandhra or Gasandhra whatever, published a some interesting gossip with a title ‘Allu Aravind’s Iron Hand On ‘SVSC‘ mentioning that Allu Aravind prevented SVSC feed to other channels so that Naayak audio function will get good TRP ratings .

Simple quetions are to be answered by the great brains of that website.

  1.  Is Allu Arvind producer of SVSC ? to give audio launch rights to Sakshi
  2.  Sakshi TV is under Allu arvinds hands? to restrict it giving feed to other channels.
  3.  Is ‘Naayak’ produced Allu Arvind to worry about it or how Arvind is interested in TV9 TRP rating?
  4. Are people fools to watch repeat telecast of SVSC audio launch instead of LIVE telecast of Naayak?
  5. Can a no:5 news channel Sakshi with 9% TRP rating affect No:1 news channel TV9 with 23% TRP rating ?.
  6. Does GA think its readers are brainless like its author?.

The fact is, Dil Raju gave rights to Sakshi which quoted more than TV9 for the live telecast of the event and giving feed to other news channels depends on Sakshi channel  management but not in Allu Arvind’s hands